common outsourcing services

9 Business Tasks That Are Perfect for Outsourcing

July 2, 2019 |

Do you believe time is the most valuable commodity? Most people agree yet a lot cling on to the idea of handling everything themselves. This is why it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the many tasks involved in running a company. Most often, you probably find yourself working for hours on end doing the daily […]

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outsourcing staff philippines

Quality of Outsourcing Staff in the Philippines

July 25, 2023|

Outsourcing as a business strategy has faced a lot of skepticism over the years. Nevertheless, outsourcing continues to grow all around the world. If you’re considering it for your company, one of your biggest concerns must be the quality of talent. That of course, heavily depends on where you decide to do it. One of […]

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outsourcing for tech startups

Should Your Tech Startup Consider Outsourcing?

April 25, 2023|

Technology startups have quickly emerged into a global phenomenon. If you belong to this space, you already know it’s a competitive jungle to be in. The intriguing question of whether tech startups should make use of outsourcing frequently comes up. There are those quick to dismiss the idea. Then you have entrepreneurs on the other […]

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customer service net promoter score

Is Net Promoter Score (NPS) All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

October 6, 2020|

In customer service, what gets measured gets improved. Everyone agrees that in order to keep ramping up a business, you need to get into the mind of your customers. How do they feel about your brand? Are they raving about it enough to refer it to their friends? These are questions you must constantly have […]

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How Much Can You Really Save From Outsourcing?

September 24, 2020|

To run a successful company, you have to keep your eyes open for opportunities whether it be improving your bottom line or making the best out of your finite resources. If an outsourcing strategy can save you a significant amount of money, all that extra cash can be earmarked for your expansion plans, product development, […]

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best interview questions for hiring customer support

The 10 Best Interview Questions for Hiring Customer Support

July 9, 2020|

Any company would agree that customer support is the thing that keeps their business alive and kicking. Out of all the people you hire in your company, those who play a role in customer service will influence how you’re perceived by your target market and how you can thrive with repeat business. Your people in […]

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supporting remote employees

3 Keys to Supporting Remote Employees Amidst the Pandemic

June 12, 2020|

The growing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic to businesses across the world has pushed many companies to a remote work setup. With this unprecedented business climate, your organization is most likely scrambling to execute a solid remote setup. And doing so without the luxury of time to prepare. An abrupt transition like this during a […]

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recruit passive candidates

5 Powerful Ways to Recruit Passive Candidates

June 3, 2020|

Ever find yourself waiting in vain for the perfect candidate? With the dynamic challenges faced by recruitment nowadays, it’s no longer enough to stand by until the right applicants roll in. You have to innovate your recruiting strategy and cast a wider net to meet the ever-evolving demands for great talents with the right skill […]

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employee retention

5 Effective Ways to Boost Employee Retention

May 25, 2020|

Do you find yourself wondering if your team members are looking to dip their toes again in the job market? Employees come and go so companies naturally experience turnover. However, a high turnover rate could cause money drain. On top of the financial burden, employees leaving could trigger “soft costs”— i.e. adverse impact on team […]

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Best Tips for Hiring During a Pandemic

April 27, 2020|

Scaling and hiring quality candidates in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic seems complicated at best. With the virus spreading like wildfire, several companies resorted to freeze hiring until the economic implications of the outbreak are clear. On the other hand, many others continued to recruit because of a spike in their business demand or […]

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knowledge base for customer support outsourcing

How to Build A Powerful Knowledge Base for Customer Support

August 30, 2019|

Anyone would agree that one of the key things to give amazing customer service is a speedy resolution. Too often, customer support people find themselves putting a customer on hold for far too long. This happens because they can’t quickly find the answer to the customer’s question or problem. Even worse, they may end up […]

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best outsourcing company

How to Choose the Best Outsourcing Company

July 5, 2019|

Outsourcing companies can either help skyrocket your business or lead you in dire straits. If you’re considering to use an outsourcing strategy, there are many options available out there. A lot of BPO providers offer varying services, delivery models, and pricing plans. All of which can get both overwhelming and confusing when coming down to […]

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multichannel customer support outsourcing

Improve Your Business Through Multichannel Customer Support

March 25, 2019|

Customer expectations have changed dramatically over the years. Gone are the days when it’s acceptable for a customer to have limited options when they need to inquire about a product or service, make a purchase, or ask for assistance. Customers now want the ability to get in touch with you when and how they want […]

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freelance versus outsourcing provider

Freelancer vs. Outsourcing Provider. Who Should You Choose?

March 28, 2018|

Companies outsource with their own set of good reasons whether they’re a large corporation or a small business. Commonly to drive down costs, give their in-house team a boost, improve company focus and the list goes on. If you’ve graduated from exploring the idea to finally taking action with outsourcing, the next step is to decide […]

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outsourcing services smb

Is Outsourcing Ideal for SMB?

January 22, 2018|

The goal of every business is growth. Achieving it includes spending time and resources that not all small to medium sized business have on their hands. As a business owner or entrepreneur, it’s natural to feel the need to do all the work and orchestrate every part of your company. Letting go of other activities […]

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5 Signs If Your Startup is Ready for Outsourcing

June 19, 2017|

What do the world’s largest search engine, most popular video conferencing app, a leading cloud services program, and well-known web analytics tool have in common? They’ve all reached unicorn status with the help of outsourcing. As far back as 1995, startups already began outsourcing their product development and information technology operations. Outsourcing then was a groundbreaking idea that […]

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outsourcing services philippines startups

Can Startups Benefit from Offshore Outsourcing?

May 17, 2017|

In this age of modern business, startups often face a multitude of challenges and opportunities. As you strive to bring innovative ideas to fruition and establish your presence in competitive markets, the question of how to best allocate your resources always comes up. You might have already heard that offshore outsourcing services is a common […]

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interviewing remote candidates

5 Quick Tips For Interviewing Remote Employees

May 29, 2016|

Technological advancements over the years and savings in overhead has increased the popularity of hiring remote employees. Many companies of varying industries have employed either freelancers or an outsourcing agency. This can open doors and get access to an enormous source of talented employees. The same can be applied to your business, provided you know […]

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outsourcing in telecommunications

Outsourcing Services in the Telecommunications Industry

December 11, 2015|

Telecommunications is one of the industries that have used outsourcing services for as long we can remember. Over the decades, the initial plan was simple. To cut costs and increase the bottom line. Telecom giants such as AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, BT, and Telstra have been successfully outsourcing to the Philippines. They have the leverage […]

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outsourcing customer service

Outsourcing Improves Customer Service of Tech Startups

December 5, 2015|

Apart from having a unique product that provides solutions to people’s problems, customer service is also one of the main components for the overall success of a tech startup. You probably already know that great customer experience is the best retention tool you can have. Make customers happy and they’ll keep coming back, be a […]

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