9 Business Tasks That Are Perfect for Outsourcing

July 2, 2019|

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Do you believe time is the most valuable commodity? Most people agree yet a lot cling on to the idea of handling everything themselves. This is why it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the many tasks involved in running a company. Most often, you probably find yourself working for hours on end doing the daily grind versus long-term strategies and growth. This all boils down to how organizations prioritize time and resources in order to move the needle. If your company is stuck with juggling a variety of tasks that can be delegated, think about outsourcing services as an option. Although it’s hard to let go, appointing someone who can give full attention and expertise to the tasks at hand can yield better and faster results.

There are so many things you can pass on to an outsourcing provider but we’ll be tackling the common ones.

1. Customer Service

Customer support is one of the oldest and most popular business functions being outsourced by companies of all sizes. This is especially prevalent in top outsourcing destinations like the Philippines. Customer service can either be general product support or technical support. General product support focuses on answering inquiries, fulfilling orders, and updating account information, among others. Whereas technical support mainly deals with troubleshooting, solving technical problems, etc. There’s a continued rise in the number of customers expecting to get in touch with companies through their preferred means of communication. Because of this, most firms offering outsourcing services are well-adept in omnichannel and multichannel solutions.

2. Data Entry & Processing

The easiest task to outsource is data entry and processing. Simply because the nature of the work is repetitive and routine-based. As long as you can find people with fast typing skills and obsessive attention to detail, you can expect high quality of output.

Outsourcing services for data entry and processing comes in many forms. Examples are legal and medical transcriptions as well as transferring any kind of information from one source to another.

3. Lead Generation

When you’re in sales, you know it’s a numbers game. Lead generation has always been one of those tedious steps in the sales process. It takes a lot of time and effort to search for customers within a specific criteria, do initial reach outs, and encode in the system. You can get more bang for your buck by outsourcing lead generation so your rock star sales team can focus their attention on qualified prospects that are ready to start on the buyer’s journey.

4. Accounting

Another administrative function you can farm out to an external party is accounting. This includes payroll, billing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, bookkeeping, tax preparation, etc.

5. Human Resources

Outsourcing of human resources seems like a far-fetched idea because the role requires frequent and personal interactions with in-house employees. However, there are other responsibilities that can be outsourced successfully such as managing employee benefits and recruitment. For employee engagement, onboarding and such, most businesses tend to keep them internally.

6. Graphic Design

Getting great design without putting too much strain on your budget is no easy feat. If your company needs ongoing graphic design, it’s worth it to consider outsourcing services. From posters, banners, logos, presentations, and any visual designs, you can opt for either an outsourcing agency or freelancer. Whichever path you take, bear in mind the importance of getting someone who understands your creative goals and has an excellent eye for design.

7. Web Design and Development

Every business needs a website. Not just any website but one that is created beautifully and optimized for any device. Having a third party who specializes in web design and development is an attractive choice. Just like in graphic design, you can go for an outsourcing company or a freelancer. An outsourcing company fits the bill if you constantly need to build websites. For one-time projects, a reliable freelancer works better.

8. Software Development

Software development holds a huge chunk of the pie when it comes to business processes that are being outsourced. If you’re having challenges in attracting skilled system programmers and engineers in your location, outsourcing is the perfect solution. Few of the many benefits are to drive innovation, speed to market and enhance user experience. According to an article released by Business.com, leading countries for IT outsourcing are India, Brazil, and Mexico, among others.

9. Content Moderation

Another ideal piece of work to outsource is content moderation. If you’re a technology company with a vast community of online users, it’s critical to monitor and control any generated content to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. A BPO provider can regularly check if content such as comments, images or videos meet your standards and guidelines. Any inappropriate content can be addressed and removed in real time so you can protect your brand reputation and maintain positive user experience.


Whether you decide to move out certain tasks that are done under your roof, the caveat is to always weigh the pros and cons carefully. Check out our blog here that outlines the questions you need to ask yourself while exploring the idea of outsourcing.

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