Don't get bogged down on administrative tasks that are taxing and time-consuming.

Don't get bogged down on administrative tasks that are taxing and time-consuming.

As a business, your growth is intrinsically linked to your ability to focus on things that yield high impact. Back-office tasks may be mundane and routine-based, yet it plays an important role in any organization. Let our team handle your behind-the-scenes operations at an affordable price so you can make the most of your company's time and internal resources.

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Data Entry & Processing

Put an end to wasted time and resources when it comes to handling tedious and repetitive tasks. With our broad range of data-related services, you’re guaranteed to get things done faster and gain better focus on the future, while keeping costs at bay. No more painstaking work. No more distractions. Our team is zeroed in on accuracy, security, and fast turnaround time.






Data Transcription

Transec guarantees 100% human transcribers. We provide full time, highly qualified transcriptionists to convert your audio or video files to any digital text format of your choice. Whether it's for meetings, interviews, or audio dictations, you can expect completion of work with 99% accuracy and quick turnaround time. In transcription, speed is the name of the game but we know quality is king.

Lead Mining

Let your sales team do what they do best — closing deals. By having us perform your lead mining, you’ll ditch the demanding and time-consuming work that goes into generating prospects. We take the time to understand your target customers, qualify based on your set criteria, and inject our expertise in your workflow so your sales team have a steady stream of high quality leads to convert.

Content Moderation

Have a cost-efficient content moderation strategy to protect your brand integrity and reputation. Transec offers pre, post, and reactive moderation, powered by real humans.

Forums, user profiles, comments, posts, and all other forms of online activities, be it in text, image or video format, will always be vulnerable to inappropriate and problematic content. We'll assign you with dedicated staff who can think on their feet, follow your internal guidelines, and make the best judgement calls. We also work alongside automated moderation to effectively keep your online community safe and thriving.

Virtual Assistance

Start taking some work off your plate so you can shift your attention on things that matter more. By getting a dedicated and remote virtual assistant from Transec, you can delegate various administrative tasks. From email management, scheduling appointments, online research, documentations, generating reports, and everything in between.


Overdue accounts, tight cash flows, and disorganized books are just some of the challenges we hear all the time from small to medium sized organizations. With our accounting outsourcing solutions, you can get your finances in order and under control. Whether it’s bookkeeping, accounts payable, accounts receivable, debt collections, or payroll, we find skilled professionals to help you stay on top of your company’s financial health.

Quality Assurance

Steer clear of errors that can be costly to your company. Quality assurance is a critical component and Transec has decades of experience in carrying out various QA functions. From examining documents, activity verification, team performance monitoring and more, we bring you people with a strong grasp of quality concepts and a keen eye for detail to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

We do the legwork so you can stay focused on the big picture.

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