Outsourcing Improves Customer Service of Tech Startups

December 5, 2015|

outsourcing customer service

Apart from having a unique product that provides solutions to people’s problems, customer service is also one of the main components for the overall success of a tech startup. You probably already know that great customer experience is the best retention tool you can have. Make customers happy and they’ll keep coming back, be a raving fan, and even spread the good word about your company. But assisting customers can be quite a handful and comes with its set of complexities. So let’s talk about whether outsourcing improves customer service of tech startups.

Challenges of Tech Startups When It Comes to Customer Service

Ever used an amazing app but when it’s time to get assistance, you experience long response time? Or have you visited a website of a mobile app with a chat box popping up but the chat support representative is offline?

These problems are the effect of most startups not having the time and sufficient funds to create a strong and efficient customer support team for their users.

As a budding business, the last thing you want is to hurt your reputation when you can’t quickly respond back to queries of customers you have just gained. It takes effort to win customers and only one poor experience to lose them. So it’s crucial to step up your game given the strong competition coming from all directions. Once achieved, this can help generate more traction to your product.

How Outsourcing Can Improve Customer Service Among Tech Startups

Customer service for startups come in various forms. This depend on what you believe are the best communication tools your customers will use to reach out to you. Outsourcing providers offer communication channels by phone, chat and email coming from your website, mobile app and social media queries. Another flexibility of outsourcing is their operations running at 24/7. You get to dictate your required time zone and customer support hours to give the best possible experience to your users.

Reputable offshore countries like the Philippines has a rich supply of available talents with neutral accent, strong affinity to Western culture, high rate of college graduates, and wide experience working with US Fortune 500 companies. Given your size, it’s good to know that outsourcing companies have different target markets. Many are focused on large corporations while others have their full attention set on small businesses like startups. Make sure you find a provider that concentrates in catering to your business size so you’re well prioritized and given the attention you need.

When done right, outsourcing of customer service ultimately give tech startups the balance between good quality workforce without the hefty price tag. Many tech startups who have taken this route have improved their customer service. It helped them increase response time to users and attain faster resolution.

If you’re a tech startup with a need to improve your customer service, talk to an outsourcing expert today.

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