Whichever the industry, your success relies on effectively creating and communicating your products and services to your customers.

At Transec, finding great talent to support you at a reasonable cost doesn't have to be a struggle. We give you access to professionals from a variety of roles — from graphic designers, web developers, software developers to QA testers. Experience a dedicated workforce who are versed in the latest trends and technologies with the ability to communicate well in English.

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Graphic Design

From online catalogs, social media graphics, advertising materials to other forms of visual communication, we create stunning designs that are truly in sync with your brand. Get entry-level people for image editing, layouting, and photo retouching or hire senior talents for producing complex designs. Our graphic design outsourcing provides you with full-time creatives to match your design needs at every turn.






Web Design & Development

Get top-notch web designers and developers for a fraction of the cost. For websites to truly stand out, they have to be all these things — visually appealing, engaging, and easy to navigate. We'll help you achieve this by providing dedicated professionals, experienced in the latest technologies and design best practices. Expect eye-catching websites that deliver meaningful results.

Software Development

Continue to drive innovation in your business without the geographical limits. Our goal is to match you with software developers who will be an extension of your team. Strong coding skills, knowledge of new technologies and techniques, creative problem solving, and high dependability are things we look for to help turn your product vision to reality.

Software Testing

Don't lose your customers to software bugs. When making a product you want people to keep using, giving the best user experience is mission-critical. Any disruptions, defects, or faulty features can lead to real business problems in today’s competitive market. With Transec, you can hire remote QA software testers with the experience and problem-solving skills to perform unit testing, regression testing, system testing, usability testing, and more.

We do the legwork so you can stay focused on the big picture.

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