Can Startups Benefit from Offshore Outsourcing?

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Startups revolutionized the business landscape with ideas such as angel investing, crowdfunding, and disruptions. Now, startups make up a major part of the global economy, creating new business leaders across United States, Asia, Europe and the rest of the world.

Majority of startups expand to a global reach using various partnership and localization techniques. In the scheme of things, they typically start off by engaging investors to drive funding for their product that’s designed to solve a problem. They then gather insights to validate market demand. Ultimately, their products are modified to develop a repeatable and scalable business model. These strategies increase the ability of a startup to create breakthroughs at a faster pace than their larger and more established competitors.

And in order to stay on top of their game, we’re seeing more and more renowned startups including those making a name for themselves use non-traditional strategies like offshore outsourcing. This allows their team to flexibly function and scale faster at a better cost. It’s no secret that countless successful startups were built using the support of reliable outsourcing providers.

Here are ways on how startups can benefit from offshore outsourcing services:

Industry Experience and Talent

First and foremost, startups benefit from offshore outsourcing providers that use highly experienced talent and streamlined business processes. Most of these companies are in countries with a vibrant outsourcing industry like in the Philippines. These countries’ workforce is also full of individuals with solid outsourcing work experience. So offshore outsourcing service companies can provide startups the same caliber of professionals experienced in major multinational clients.

Outsourcing companies are experts in streamlining business processes. Startups can minimize road blocks and gain operational excellence in their work processes whether it be front or back office tasks.

Among the 20-plus countries that offer offshore outsourcing services, the Philippines counts as the top outsourcing destination. Its highly-skilled outsourcing workforce uses global best practices and adapts to various time zones. Moreover, the workforce is proficient in English, speaks it in a neutral accent and is highly familiar with Western cultures. All in all, this makes the Philippines a cut above the other offshore outsourcing destinations. Offshore outsourcing service providers in the Philippines are especially viable to startups from the US, UK, and Australia.

Team Reinforcement

Every startup naturally begins with a small team of talented people. As the business grows and gains traction, more responsibilities pile up. By using an outsourcing company, startups can free themselves of tedious yet straightforward tasks. It simplifies their day-to-day operations and augments their in-house team by outsourcing data entry, accounting,  quality audit, and other back office functions. Additionally, startups will be able to efficiently render customer service and technical support 24/7.

Ultimately, startups get to spend their most valuable resource which is time. Time that is better spent on developing and improving their core products and services.

Cost Efficiency

Offshore outsourcing is affordable as it allows startups to save on operational costs that human resources and material assets incur. It also allows them to maximize funds by using profits on additional research, product development, and management.

By outsourcing operations, startups can widen their scale, maximize profit and achieve business goals efficiently.

Is Your Startup Ready to Use Outsourcing Services?

Is your startup ready to expand and use offshore outsourcing services? The answer lies in the state of your startup. If your company outsources while undergoing major adjustments, it may work against you in terms of time and cost. Offshore outsourcing is ideal to those that have set up a clear workflow and achieved steady operations at a certain degree. There are also other prerequisites you should consider.

Want to know what these prerequisites are? Check out the 5 signs if your startup is ready for outsourcing.

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