Is Outsourcing Ideal for SMBs?

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The goal of every business is growth. Achieving it includes spending time and resources that not all small to medium sized business have on their hands. As a business owner or entrepreneur, it’s natural to feel the need to do all the work and orchestrate every part of your company. Letting go of other activities in your organization means losing control over what you’ve built with your blood, sweat and tears. However, doing it all even for non-critical tasks can seriously hamper your corporate objectives to multiply and expand.

One of the solutions available to you is outsourcing. We find that more and more SMBs have been partnering with top outsourcing providers to address business problems. Doing the same can cost-efficiently augment your workforce capacity so you can get things done by leaps and bounds.

Here are 5 questions to help you decide if outsourcing is ideal to you as a small to medium sized business:

1. Does your team lack the time needed to focus on core functions?

Like everything else, businesses has its own limits when it comes to resources. That includes time, energy and attention of you and your in-house team. It makes very good sense for you to outsource non-core or even vital, yet routine functions. Examples are customer service, technical support, virtual assistance, data entry, accounting and other back office work. This can free up your team from all of those time-consuming tasks that they have to deal with on regular basis. As a result, you can shift your time on complex and core activities within your business.

2. Do you need access to qualified and skilled workforce minus the recruitment and operational headaches?

All companies experience challenges with hiring and managing people no matter what industry they’re in. You can minimize these problems by farming out tasks that doesn’t have to be done internally. An experienced outsourcing provider can open doors for you to access a different pool of talented and qualified professionals. They also take on the arduous and time-consuming process of recruitment. It’s also important to note that a good outsourcing partner will align themselves with your company goals and culture to effectively manage your outsourced team. This leaves you with less things to worry about.

You can check out our blog here to know the quality of staff available in outsourcing hubs like the Philippines.

3. Is optimizing financial resources a priority now in your organization?

Outsourcing is an ideal solution to tap into if you need more control over your operating costs. Cost savings remain to be one of the top driving factors for companies jumping into the outsourcing wagon. It’s a game changer for the company bottom line if you can relieve yourself of capital expenses and shift fixed costs into a variable one. However, cost should never compromise quality. Only partner with a provider who truly understands your business and operates in that disposition.

4. Are you actively aiming to grow your company?

Every business should ideally be finding ways to multiply. In fact, most would say they aim to grow but put off high potential solutions for the organization. If your company is serious about expansion, the operating leverage and cost savings that comes with offshore outsourcing will generate the funding you need to gear up for the next level.

5. Are your internal processes clear, defined and effective?

The absence of clearly outlined and proven processes in place are one of the common culprits among outsourcing failures. A poor job description of the role that the outsourcing firm will assume can also add up to the challenge. In short, transferring a broken process or poorly defined role to your outsourcing partner is setting yourself up for failure.

If you’re planning to outsource a complex process or job role, have all your ducks in a row first to yield a high success rate. For straightforward tasks, partner up with a reliable outsourcing provider to help streamline your process. The ultimate goal is to have a role or work process that’s easy to understand and duplicate.

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